AB Commander: Dual Pane File Manager for Windows

When you have to work with tons of files everyday at your work, then the regular file manager that comes with Windows is simply not enough. For handling a large number of files, we need the old fashioned dual-pane file managers like Norton Commander, Midnight Commander, Total Commander or AB Commander.

AB Commander is an advanced file manager for Windows with dual-pane interface. The dual-pane main screen allows us to easily and quickly perform various operations between files, folders, partitions and hard drives. It looks like exactly like the popular Total Commander program simply because it is also a dual-pane file manager. It comes with many useful tools and functions to support quick file management on your computer.

Just like any other dual-pane file manager, AB Commander allows you to use two different folders at the same time – one directory is opened on the left side and another on the right side. It then allows you to instantly move, copy or delete files from one directory to another (or vice versa). In a similar way, we can perform file operations between two drives or volumes too. It has a lot of advanced tools for joining files, splitting files, synchronizing directories, viewing photos or editing text.

AB Commander

In addition, it offers the ability to synchronize the contents of folders or use the command line. AB Commander supports virtual and compressed folders, and also allows you to rename files and directories and search for data using special filters.

AB Commander can also be integrated with many other popular tools such as Notepad++, DiffMerge, Universal Viewer etc. When these tools are integrated, it becomes easy to check the differences between source code files of various versions of a program. It comes with a user guide which explains al of its features and how to use its command line interface.

You can download AB Commander from https://www.winability.com/abcommander/.