UnGoogled Chromium : Lightweight Chromium Based Browser

Ever since Google started its world famous search engine in 1999, Google has become synonymous with web search. Nobody even remembers how the world worked before Google came into existence. While most of us love the Google services, there are some people who have some personal reasons for not using Google. They tremble with fury as soon as you mention Google. For these people someone has created UnGoogled Chromium which is a variation of the open-source Chromium web browser.

UnGoogled Chromium is exactly the same as the Chromium web browser, except that it has all referenced to Google removed. Since Chromium project is open-source, it is perfectly legal to modify its source code. In this web browser, it has removed any and all dependency on the Google Services. It has removed all these services in such a way that it has not altered the usual experience of using the Chromium web browser. It has either enhanced or added features that boost the user privacy, transparency and control.

UnGoogled Chromium

UnGoogled Chromium is available both as a portable application and as an installer package. In both cases, you get the same user experience. In the case of the portable version, we get the benefit of using it from any computer. You can download and copy the portable version to a USB pen drive or a USB hard disk drive so that you can keep using it from anywhere whether home or office.

UnGoogled Chromium is available for many operating systems such as Linux, Windows, macOS, FreeBSD. For the Linux, the browser is available directly from the respective repositories.

If you can survive without Google then you can try UnGoogled Chromium which is easy to use fast, lightweight and protects the user form many forms of user privacy violations.

You can download UnGoogled Chromium from https://github.com/ungoogled-software/ungoogled-chromium.