Actual Transparent Window : Make Any Window Transparent

When working with dozens of open application windows on a PC screen, we sometimes wish that if some of these windows were transparent then we could look through them. A transparent window can save our time as we do not have to switch back and forth between many windows to see what is happening on those windows. We can see everything through the transparent windows. In addition, a transparent window can also be very useful as it gives a different vibe to an application.

If you want to be able to add the transparency effect to any window on your Windows PC then you can use the Actual Transparent Window software. This software adds a new button to the titlebar of all the existing windows. When clicked on this new button, your window gets 20% transparency. The same feature can be used through a hotkey Ctrl+Y from any window which toggles the transparency of a window.

Actual Transparent Window

After the installation when Actual Transparent Window is first launched, it takes the user through a quick setup process. This setup process is designed to be wizard like and at the each of the steps, we configure something about the software. For example, we can choose which of the buttons are going to appear in the titlebar of the windows. We can also choose the hotkeys for changing the transparency of the windows.

Actual Transparent Window

In the settings of Actual Transparent Window, we can choose to add two type of buttons – transparent and ghost. The transparent window does what it says and the ghost button makes all the clicks pass through the window. By default, it uses Ctrl+Y for making a window transparent and Ctrl+G for making a window transparent. We can also change the level of transparency from its settings (from 0 to 100% in steps of 10 %).

You can download Actual Transparent Window from