Rotate Images Quickly with Batch JPEG Rotator

JPEG images are everywhere as they provide a really good compression of the image data without losing much of the quality. This is why most of the digital cameras save the images in the JPEG image file format. Although, newer models are also able to save the captured images in lossless image formats and even in the RAW data format.

When snapping photos using a smartphone or a digital camera, sometimes we make a mistake of not holding the camera with the correct orientation. We realize this mistake only when viewing these photos on a larger screendevice like the laptop or the desktop computer.

Batch JPEG Rotator is a program that can come handy when we have to correct the orientation of the photos. Using this tool we can quickly rotate a large number of JPEG images with the correct orientation. The software is able to perform the rotation operation on all the images inside a directory so that you do not have to select the JPEG images individually. Another way to rotate the images is by selecting the correct orientation using the EXIF metadata that is present inside these JPEG images.

Batch JPEG Rotator

Batch JPEG Rotator is very useful and offers a very minimal user interface. We can perform the batch rotation operation in just three steps. We can load the images to the Batch JPEG Rotator list. We can also load an entire folder in the list. After this, we have to choose a rotation angle for each of the images. This rotation angle can be 90° clockwise, 90°counter-clockwise, and 180°. We can also flip the images horizontally or vertically.

Batch JPEG Rotator is available from Microsoft Windows app store for Windows 10 and 11. It is also available in MSI installers for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows.

You can download Batch JPEG Rotator from