Actual Window Minimizer : Send Windows to System Tray

When we are not using an application’s window on a Windows PC but we still need to for later, we tend to minimize that window. When we minimize an application window, it is minimized to the taskbar. If we minimize a lot of application windows, then pretty soon the whole taskbar becomes crowded of these minimized icons.

If you want to minimize an application window with do not want it in the taskbar either then you can use a third-party software called Actual Window Minimizer. It is a tool which sends minimized windows to the system tray (notification area) of Windows desktop.

Actual Window Minimizer adds a new button for minimization of applications to the system tray. The program allows defining a set of keyboard shortcuts for minimizing the windows or viewing the hidden windows.

Actual Window Minimizer

After the installation of Actual Window Minimizer, we see a wizard like interface containing five steps. In each of these steps we have to choose the settings defining how this program is going to behave. For example, we can choose which extra buttons are to be places in the titlebar  of the open windows. We can add Alt-Min button which sends the minimized windows to the system tray. We can also add another button for managing window settings.

In addition, the program also allows for the users to assign hotkeys so that they can minimize a window using the hotkey. By default “Win + .” is the hotkey for minimizing the windows but we can change it to anything of our choice. There are hotkeys for showing hidden windows, for displaying the configuration window, for reapplying the settings and for pausing or resuming this program.

Actual Window Minimizer

Actual Window Minimizer is not a free software but it is available as a trialware and we can easily find out if this software is going to make our life easier or make it even more complicated.

You can download Actual Window Minimizer from