FreedomGPT : Offline AI ChatBot for Windows & Mac

We all have heard about the OpenAI ChatGPT chat bot. But OpenAI’s ChatGPT has network related issues and might limit how many questions you can ask it. Now there is an open-source free and offline chatbot available called FreedomGPT. It is a chatbot similar to ChatGPT and works completely without filters or censorship and answers every question you ask it.

FreedomGPT is available in the online version as well as an offline version. Using the online version is similar to any other AI chatbot like Google Bard or Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot. But just like the other bots, it suffers from heavy online traffic and might limit how much you can use it everyday.

The offline version of FreedomGPT has to be installed on the local computer and is free from any network lags or other limitations. It works blazing fast as expected. For installing FreedomGPT, you have to first install the FreedomGPT setup package which is nearly 100 MB in size.


When FreedomGPT is launched on your computer, it asks to choose and download at least one GPT model. There are four models available – ALPACA Full, ALPACA Fast, LLAMA Full, LLAMA Fast. All of these GPT models are nearly 4 GB in size. One of the these must then be selected and downloaded before starting the application. The offline version is as fast your computer’s hardware allows but a minimal of 6GB of RAM is necessary.


FreeGPT’s user interface is similarly simple in design to that of OpenAI’s ChatGPT . A question can be written under the search bar, which the application then answers in seconds. Since there are no filters, it tries to ask all kinds of questions so there is no censorship imposed as by ChatGPT. Another benefit of using an offline chatbot is a high level of privacy as none of your questions are sent anywhere.

You can get FreefomGPT from