Compact RAM Cleaner : Tiny Tool for Cleaning RAM

If your Windows PC has a relatively small amount of RAM installed, it becomes very important not to let any of the apps hog the RAM. So many applications claim a considerable portion of the RAM but without any productive function. These applications usually keep running in the background and serve no real useful function for the user. With the help of a free tool called Compact RAM Cleaner, we can clean up the RAM and make more memory available for other applications.

Compact RAM Cleaner is a minimalist, portable and open-source application for cleaning RAM on a Windows computer. By freeing up the RAM, we can make the computer run much smoother and stabler for a longer time.

It is a very tony tool with a small window in which it displays the current statistics of RAM and paging files in real time. We can click on the “Clear” button to automatically clean the RAM or both RAM and the pagefile. For cleaning the pagefile as system reboot might be required.

Compact RAM Cleaner

In addition, in the program settings, you can check for updates, as well as activate the option that automatically launches applications and memory cleaning after turning on the operating system. We can also make it automatically clear the RAM after the RAM usage has reached a certain threshold (by default 80%). However, this setting could cause problems when resource hungry applications are running.

In addition to the GUI, the Compact RAM Cleaner tool also features a command line switch called -silent. When this switch is used, Compact RAM Cleaner runs but without showing the window and minimizing itself to the system tray (notification area icon).

Compact RAM Cleaner

With modern Windows computers having RAM modules in the order of 32 GB installed, we seldom need RAM cleaners but if your PC requires one then Compact RAM Cleaner can be immensely useful.

You can download Compact RAM Cleaner from