FairStars CD Ripper : Convert Audio CD into MP3 or WMA

Audio CD are no longer that much in demand. Now the world has moved on to online streaming music services like Spotify, Apple Mosic and Amazon Prime Music. As the time passes by it will become increasingly difficult to even obtain a CD/DVD drive. This is exactly what happened to the Floppy drives which were once very popular. But if you still have some old recorded audio CDs lying around then you can convert them into MP3 or other music file formats. This way you can listen to those old audio CDs on your new devices without any problem.

In order to rip an audio CD, you can use FairStars CD Ripper which is a free and powerful program to rip music from audio CDs to your computer’s hard drive. The application offers the ability to rip entire soundtracks from any audio discs and has the functions for normalizing the sound volume level. If the sound on the audio CD is recorded very loud then it can bring it to an optimal level.

FairStars CD Ripper

Using FairStars CD Ripper is very easy. All you have to do is insert your audio CD into your CD/DVD drive and then launch FairStars CD Ripper. It will automatically recognize the audio CD and read the relevant information. Then you can take an action to extract the audio tracks.

We can choose a number of audio file formats for the output such as WMA, MP3, OGG, VQF, FLAC, APE and WAV. We can also adjust the speed at which the extraction is done. If the audio CD is very old, then it is recommended to use very slow speed. The destination folder can also be changed where the audio tracks are saved. It supports CDDB and take automatically add audio metadata in the audio files.

You can download FairStars CD Ripper from http://www.fairstars.com/cd_ripper/index.html.