GOG Giveaway – Sigma Theory : Global Cold War

During the summer sales this year, GOG is giving away a very interesting game “Sigma Theory : Global Cold War”. This game takes you into the future for a brief experience of what could once again begin the Cold War of the past.

If you have always been fascinated by the era of uncertainty called Cold War, then you will be delighted to plunge into the captivating game “Sigma Theory : Global Cold War”.

The story behind this game is extremely well developed and interesting. In the future, some scientists discover new technologies. These technologies are dubbed “Sigma Theory” and can be used to completely wipe out a country or a region or a group of people in seconds. The same technology can also give immortality if used in a certain manner.

World’s powerful countries soon get the wind of this new discovery and they all want to have it. Since only a few of the top scientists can harness the power of “Sigma Theory”, the world soon finds itself slipping into a global cold war.

Sigma Theory : Global Cold War

The rest of the game involves the classic cold war tactics – espionage, counter-espionage, infiltration, exfiltration and diplomacy. You have to recruit a team of four special agents who will take the charge for all of these operations. The future of the human beings depends on how well you play this game.

This game does not require a very high-end powerful gaming computer and can be easily  on any standard PC with a a good enough graphics card. The game is only 609 MB in size with additional content available for download. As with all the other games offered on GOG, this game is also DRM free and can be installed on any PC without requiring GOG Galaxy.

You can get “Sigma Theory : Global Cold War” from GOG Giveaway event by visiting https://www.gog.com/en/game/sigma_theory_global_cold_war.