PDFgear: Read, Edit, Convert, Merge, and Sign PDF Files

PDF files are everywhere and the situation is not going to change in the foreseeable future. This is why it is essential for everyone to have a good PDF viewer on their computers. And if you work in an office, then you should also have a good quality PDF editor software such as PDFgear.

PDFgear is a powerful and absolutely free program for reading, editing, converting, merging, splitting and signing PDF files. If you have installed PDFgear, then you do not need any external PDF viewer application as it can also be used for viewing the PDF files.

It also comes with an AI chatbot assistant powered with the OpenAI ChatGPT using which we can quickly extract text information from PDF files and prepare a summary of the text. We can also ask it (the AI chat bot) what a PDF file is all about (asking for a brief summary). We can ask it about multiple PDF files. We can ask it to compare and find differences between the files.


When it comes to editing the PDF files, we can add annotations to viewed files, sticky notes, free floating text and comments. In addition, you can insert images, watermarks, or the page numbers. We can also add or remove the pages. PDFgear can be used to convert, change text in a PDF document, add signatures, or set passwords or restrictions of various kinds to encrypt files.

The typed documents when converted to PDF files contain the text material in text format, but scanned documents contain the image format only. We can use PDFgear to transform scanned documents and use the OCR function  to extract the text information in text format. This OCR feature is available in many languages.

PDFgear can also reduce the PDF file sizes. This way we can save the hard disk drive space. By compressing PDF documents, we can reduce the document size by up to 90%.

You can download PDFgear from https://www.pdfgear.com/.