Epic Games Store Giveaway: First Person Shooter “Payday 2”

This week Epic Games store is giving away a first person shooter game called “Payday 2”. In this game, you work for an organization that sends you to carry out missions or jobs.

It is a multiplayer game and four players can play this game. You have to form a team to go on missions. For finding the missions, you can contact an organization called Crime Net.

You are part of a group who goes on these missions wearing masks. The game has tons of masks that you can choose to wear. Your group consists of a four member group. You can choose to use an AI member team or you can have human members in the multiplayer mode.

Most of these tasks or missions are bank heists. You have to wear the masks and follow the directions of the CrimeNet. For each of these missions, there are seven different hardness levels from easy to very difficult. Based on these levels, your payout is small or large.

Payday 2

The game is made to be spontaneous and dynamic. Even if you play the same heist more than once, it plays out in a different way keeping you on the edge of your seat. The element of surprise is always there.

As you progress in the game, the levels start becoming more and more difficult. For example, some of the levels ask for stealth skills. Using your stealth skills, you can avoid getting caught on the camera.

The “Payday 2” is on the giveaway of Epic Games store because “Payday 3” is about to be released. You can enjoy playing this game before moving on the new sequel.

You can claim your free copy of “Payday 2” game during this giveaway by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/payday-2-c66369 in your web browser. The game is to be downloaded using the Epic Games Launcher.