RollBack Rx Pro : Time Machine for Windows PC

Time and ride do not wait for anyone. If anything they come by surprise. And yes, most of get surprised or rather shocked when our computer’s data gets corrupted. This misfortune can strike in more than one ways. It could be a physical disk failure, it could be a malware infection, it could be file system corruption and so on. But if you have full backup of the system then there is nothing much to worry about.

RollBack Rx Pro is one of such backup software that can undo any of these problems in seconds. It is an all-in-one data recovery solution that enables users and IT administrators to easily restore their PC to a previous state in a matter of a few moments.

RollBack Rx Pro keeps regular snapshots of your system. These snapshots are created when you install something, through the scheduler or when you manually ask it to create a snapshot. This is similar to a backup software like AOMEI Backupper. But RollBack Rx Pro offers a fresh approach in terms of the user interface.

RollBack Rx Professional

Whenever something bad happens and you start noticing suspicious activity on your file system (indication of possible malware infection), you can rollback the changes to an earlier time. Any unforeseen incidents such as user errors (accidental file deletion), malware infection, and even failed software installations can be easily and completely reversed in a quick and efficient manner.

In addition to complete rolling back of the changes, we can also explore the snapshots manually. We can also extract the files inside these snapshot backups. We can search for a specific file and extract it too.

After installing RollBack Rx Pro, you can have a sound peaceful sleep as your data is being protected by a professional data recovery and system rollback software.

You can download RollBack Rx Pro from