Reboot Restore Rx Pro : Restore PC Back to Previous State

We all use our personal Windows computers with great care. We are very careful not to spill the coffee on the keyboard or drop the bread crumbs all over it when having lunch while watching YouTube. But public computers are not so lucky. The public computers in school, internet cafes, or at the library usually experience horrible treatment by all sorts of people. I have personally seen people dropping Coca-Cola and Cheetos all over the computer at an internet cafe and they didn’t even bother to clean it.

But this is not all, some users install software, uninstall software, make changes to the system settings, install RAT (Remote Access Trojan), install malware, and corrupt the file system. Fortunately, you can reverse all these changes to the system if you have Reboot Restore Rx Pro in your hands.

Reboot Restore Rx Pro was formerly known as Drive Vaccine. It prevents any changes made to the drives at reboot. So after a session of destruction of the files and unwanted changed to the settings by the users, all you have to do is reboot the system and voila! It is back to the original state.

Reboot Restore Rx Pro

This is essential software for smooth working of the publicly available computers. It wipes out all the malicious programs, unwanted changes to the system settings and restores the original state of the PC. Even if the users have installed a software it will be removed automatically.

Reboot Restore Rx is available in free and paid versions. The free version does not include scheduler, automatic updates and more. But the free version allows a Windows administrator to quickly restore the PC back to its original state. It works like a charm. In the paid Pro version, there are many more features available for the system admin.

You can download Reboot Restore Rx Pro from