SilentRun : Make Any Program Run Silently in Background

When you run a GUI program on a Windows PC, it shows a window for that program and its icon is displayed in the taskbar. For example, when you run Windows Notepad, it shows the Notepad window and also displays the Notepad icon in the Windows taskbar.

If you want to run a GUI application on your Windows PC, but you do not want to display its window or taskbar icon, then you can hide it using SilentRun. This way the application keeps running without being visibly present on your Windows desktop.

SilentRun is a small portable tool that allows you to hide any running program that has a GUI on Windows PC. It hides the windows of any program and its entire interface. It becomes as if the program is not running on your PC. You can still find the processes of those hidden programs in the task manager. It also allows you to adjust the priority of active processes running in the background of the system.


SilentRun has a simple user interface. In its window,  it has a window like icon (yellow colored). You can drag-n-drop this icon on the window of other application that you want to hide. It will display a preview of the target application’s window and show the list of processes for that application. Now you can select the processes in the list and then click on the Hide It button. That window will be instantly hidden.

You can also set the appropriate priority of silent operation in the background. There are many levels of process priorities available – real time, high, normal, low and idle. Default is the “Normal” priority for user run applications. There is also a “Mute” option for muting any notifications coming from the silenced application.

SilentRun is a handy tool for quickly hiding some of the applications that you do not need always on the screen. For example, if you are downloading a large operating system installation ISO image, you can put it in the hidden mode until the download is finished.

You can download SilentRun from