CCode : Free Lightweight Portable Source Code Editor

If you ask some computer science students about a good source-code editor, they will tell about Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse. While these are very high quality code editors (or rather IDE’s), they are very bulky. They are not really suitable for quickly putting together a simple program. This is why I personally prefer PellesC IDE because it is so lightweight and comes with C compiler package (

If you are also looking for a lightweight source-code editor, then you can try a portable code editor called CCode. It is a free source code editor based on the Scintilla component. This source code editor is written using pure Win32 API without any external frameworks or libraries. This makes it very fast and lightweight – just like applications used to be back in the good old days. It works on all versions of Windows starting from Windows XP and above.

Yubsoft, the developers behind CCode, say that it was created for their own use internally. They have been using it to create Windows applications and all of the tools available for download from the Yubsoft website are created using CCode.

CCode Editor

CCode is a source-code editor that works brilliantly for C++, JAVA and web development. It has a lot of useful tools for editing and writing code on the PC. Features such as color coded syntax highlighting, numbering and marking lines make for a very comfortable coding experience. We can also find it easy to copy, split or merge the entire source code line by line.

If you are developing a C or C++ application that uses Win32 API, then it comes with almost whole set of the Win32 API functions. This way it can display the syntax of the Win32 API functions as soon as you begin to type them. The developer plans to include full Windows API  documentation in the future.

You can download CCode from