Use ChatGPT for Generating Strong Passwords

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence based bot designed by OpenAI. It is based on Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) language models. We can chat with ChatGPT bot just like we chat with a human being and it understands what we are trying to say. It is not perfect and sometimes it gets confused or makes mistakes. But It is really useful for carrying out some tasks for which you would have a long time.

For example, we can use ChatGPT to generate very strong passwords using our defined constraints. Since we can chat with it, all we have to say is “Can you generate some strong passwords for me?”

Generate strong passwords with ChatGPT

If you want to define some conditions then your query should include the password length, the character sets and any exclusions. For example, you can visit and ask,

Can you generate 10 strong passwords containing alphanumeric characters, numbers and special characters (@#$*^ only – no other special character). The password should be 20 characters long. The password should be easy to memorize. Do not use special characters more than 15% of the whole password. Similarly, numbers should not be excessively used.

Then ChatGPT will quickly give you a response containing a list of the passwords generated. But remember these passwords might be weak or stupidly weak as ChatGPT is not perfect. So if you decide to use them, you should first test them.

Generate Strong Passwords with ChatGPT

Testing passwords with Password Monster

With Password Monster password strength testing tool, we can examine any password and find out if it really a strong password. For this, we can simply visit and copy/paste the password generated by ChatGPT. It will instantly show if it is any good. In addition to the strength of the password, it also shows how long it will take for a potential hacker to brute force the password.

Generate Strong Passwords with ChatGPT

Checking if the password is already pwned

Finally, we must check whether the generated password is already in the password list of hackers before using it for anything. Pwned passwords are the ones that are included in the data breaches of past many years. Using such passwords is not safe.

For checking whether a password is already pwned, you can visit and enter your password. It will show you if the publicly known data breaches include this password or not.

Generate Strong Passwords with ChatGPT


We can generate strong passwords using ChatGPT in seconds and test them before using them. When asking ChatGPT, you can use different wordings and it will still understand your query. But it is better to be very precise in your ChatGPT queries.