WinJumble : Anagram Finder and Word Unscrambler

Do you remember the scene from the popular fiction novel Da Vinci Code (also made into a blockbuster movie of the same title) when Professor Langdon decodes the anagram written on the floor of the world famous Louvre Museum?

Solving the anagram “O, Draconian Devil” into “Leonardo da Vinci” was so mind boggling. But that is what the anagrams are always like.

Fortunately, you do not have to be as smart as those fictional characters from Da Vinci Code in order to find anagrams. You can just use a software called WinJumble to find anagrams and unscramble all kinds of words. Of course, the program is limited with the same limitations as its accompanying dictionary. The dictionary it has is a simple list of words found in the English language which might not include all the words. WinJumble stores about 376,000 English words in its dictionary.


WinJumble has a small window with a text input box in which we can type between 2 to 31 letters. The lower boundary of 2 letters makes sense as it cannot work with just one letter. And the upper boundary of 31 letters is also perfect for quick unscrambling of word puzzles.

After typing the letters, you can either press the Enter key or click on the Jumble button to find the solution. If it is a known word that you have typed, it will try to find an anagram. If you have typed a scrambled word, then it will find the unscrambled word.

There is online help available for this program but it is pretty much everything that we have covered in this post. The author of this program also offers a very long scrambled word accddeeehhhhiiilllnnooooprrrtty and leaves it to the user to find the unscrambled word for fun. He also asks the users to try finding the anagram for senator.

You can download WinJumble from