Advanced Host Monitor : Powerful Network Monitoring Program

As a network administrator, you have to make sure that all the systems and services are up and running. But we cannot keep manually checking them all from time to time. Neither we can wait for the users to complain about a server not responding. What we have to do is use a network monitoring software to keep an eye on all the networks, hosts and services.

With the help of Advanced Host Monitor, we can keep an eye on all these without much effort. It is a full-featured software that contains a lot of useful features need for all kinds of the network monitoring. When it detects some problem with a monitored resource, it sends special alerts to warn the user or notify via e-mail. Furthermore, it can also conduct numerous network tests to help us diagnose and find solutions.

Among the available tests that can be performed are monitoring the TCP service, downloading URLs, checking disk space and file and website integrity, and pinging the host or testing servers – for example, mySQL servers.

Advanced Host Monitor

Advanced Host Monitor checks network servers and takes predefined actions if a device is not responding. It can check hundreds of parameters of your networked devices. If it detects that a server is not working then it can generate an alert on your mobile phone or by e-mail messages.

In addition, it generates log files after completing each test. It creates special logs and illustrates each information in the form of graphs. It comes with a built in report manager which creates reports for all the activity.

It comes with RMA (remote monitoring agents) for monitoring remote devices. It is available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris. Using RMA increases security and reduces bandwidth used to monitor the remote devices.

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