LocalSend : Share Your Files with Nearby Devices

Suppose you have a video that you recorded yesterday at your friend’s birthday party and you want to share it with your parents. There are many possibilities for sharing the large video file with others near you. But there is a unique tool called LocalSend can help you share files with others without any internet connection. The only thing required for this app to work is that both of the devices (the device sending/sharing the file and the device receiving the file) are connected to the same local network such as a local WiFi network.

This requirement can be easily fulfilled in two easy ways:

  • Both of the devices get connected to the same WiFi router with or without internet access.
  • Start a WiFi hotspot on a third Android device and then both devices get connected to this hotspot.

The LocalSend app is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. It can be installed on all the popular devices such as Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

This LocalSend app has to be installed on both the devices for it to work. After installing LocalSend on both devices and making sure that both of them are connected to the same local network. Each of the device is assigned a friendly name. In the following screenshot you can see our Windows PC was given the name “Rich Papaya”.


The functionality of LocalSend is very similar to the AirDrop technology on Apple devices. It is convenient to use and we can transfer files to any device on the network almost instantly – including Windows, Linux, Android or iOS devices. Depending on the local are network, the ending of files might take a short or long time.

The program supports a secure communication protocol, allowing devices to transfer files over HTTPS. The secure connection is established through the use of TLS ensuring high grade encrypted connection.

You can download LocalSend from https://github.com/localsend/localsend or https://localsend.org/.