Gilisoft MP3 CD Maker : Create Audio CD from MP3

Gilisoft MP3 CD Maker is a Windows software that can be used to create normal audio CDs from your collection of MP3 files. It is very easy to use and offers a wizard like user interface. In addition to the source MP3 files, it can also use APE music files.

Gilisoft MP3 CD Maker can make not just the ordinary audio CDs, but it can also make the MP3 audio CDs. The difference between an audio CD and an MP3 CD is that the former uses data tracks to store the music while in the latter, the music is stored in form of MP3 files. The MP3 CD can contain many more songs as  the MP3 format is compressed. On the other hand the audio CD is rather limited about the number of music tracks.

Using Gilisoft MP3 CD Maker is very easy. After launching it, we have to start adding the music files which are to be included on the audio CD. The interface shows how much space is left and how many music files can be added. An ordinary CD (700 MB) can contain up to 72 minutes of music (on average).

Gilisoft MP3 CD Maker

After adding the music files, we can choose whether we want to create an audio CD or data CD. The data CD is actually the MP3 CD. We can choose the destination from audio CD, APE image file or BIN image file. After this all that is left to do is click on the “Start” button and enjoy your coffee or cold drinks.

If you have created APE or BIN image files for the audio CD, then you can choose to load them on Windows file system as virtual drives using any virtual drive software such as Virtual Clone Drive from Elaborate Bytes Software.

You can download Gilisoft MP3 CD Maker from