Stop Chrome : Quickly Terminate Chrome Processes on Windows

Chrome web browser is at the top of the list when it comes to the most popular web browsers in the world. More people are using Google Chrome than any other web browser in the world. The main reason why it is so much popular is the trust built by Google for many many years. People trust services and products offered by Google. Obviously Google Chrome is also rich in features, very fast, supports all the latest technologies and consumes fewer resources than some other browsers.

While Google Chrome web browser is the most popular, some people do not like Chrome spawing too many child processes on Windows. What happens is that whenever you open a new tab and webpage, Chrome starts a new Chrome process. In addition, some apps installed inside Chrome can keep running Chrome processes even when you have closed all the Chrome browser windows.

There is a open-source tool called Stop Chrome which can come handy to close down the processes running in the background. It does not automatically terminate Chrome processes. Actually it gives you an option to close all the Chrome processes.

Stop Chrome

After running Stop Chrome, we will see a new icon in the notification area. This icon stays red if Chrome processes are running. But it turns green when Chrome is not running in the background. In order to terminate all the running Chrome processes, we can right-click on this icon and choose to Stop Chrome from the menu.

While this is a very simple application, it can be very handy when too many Chrome processes are running and making everything slow. Instead of giving taskkill command manually, we can use this GUI based tool for closing all the Chrome windows. It terminates all the Chrome processes scudding the ones running in the foreground.

You can download Stop Chrome from