GoAwayEdge : Tool to Bypass Microsoft’s Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Browser is the latest web browser that Microsoft has been offering fro a few years now. It comes bundled with Windows 11 and is deeply integrated into the operating system. It is not possible to uninstall Microsoft Edge from the Windows settings or Control Panel.

If using some workarounds, we remove all the components of the Edge browser then many features of the Windows operating system stop working and Windows itself becomes unstable. So what is the solution for people who do not want to use this browser from Microsoft? The solution is to just bypass it and it is done through an open-source tool called GoAwayEdge.

GoAwayEdge is an open-source tool for changing some of the settings of the Edge web browser itself and for sending all the links meant to be opened through the Edge browser  to the default web browser.


After downloading, you can launch GoAwayEdge and accept the license for the installation to begin. Once installed, GoAwayEdge will redirect all Edge invoking processes (like Windows search and widgets) to the default web browser. But it also changes the search engine used by Edge and the Edge update channel. For the Edge Update channel, we can select from Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. For the search engines we can choose from Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Ask, Ecosia etc.

When you want to remove GoAwayEdge, you can launch it once again. This time you have to select the option labeled “Uninstall” and then click on the Next button. This will remove GoAwayEdge and restore Microsoft Edge web browser’s functionality.

In order for the GoAwayEdge to work properly, you have to first install a third-party web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi or Opera. You should also make the third-party web browser as the default web browser on Windows PC.

You can download GoAwayEdge from https://github.com/valnoxy/GoAwayEdge.