Remove Saved Addresses from Opera Crypto Browser

After Opera announced their new Crypto Browser, it has become suddenly very popular with everyone but particularly with the people who deal with cryptocurrencies. Whether you like to buy things online using your Bitcoin wallet, or invest  in various cryptocurrencies, or even make profit from the currency exchanges, then you are going to love the Opera Crypto Browser.

Opera Crypto web browser introduces “Web 3” which starts a new era in the way websites are created and served. In this web browser, we can have all the crypto currencies stored in a built-in wallet. In addition, we can also install add-ons that are designed to act as digital wallets for many different types of crypto currencies.

When making online payments or registering new accounts online, we are often asked to save the addresses in the Crypto browser.  Saving your addresses in the Crypto browser helps us when we are filling in a form the next time. Using the automatic form filler module, we can quickly fill all the details including the addresses. While this saves our time and keeps everything accurate, it can also pause privacy problems. Anyone who has access to your web browser will be able to find out about your stored addresses.

This is why we should aim at not storing the addresses and remove the ones that have been already stored in the Opera Crypto browser. Here is how it is done:

  1. Launch Opera Crypto browser and open its settings by using the hotkey Alt+P.
  2. In the settings, scroll down to the very bottom and click on Advanced. This will show some more settings which are considered advanced.
  3. Find the category Autofill and passwords and then click on Addresses and more. Alternatively, you can simply enter settings/addresses in the Opera Crypto browser’s address bar.Remove Address from Crypto browser
  4. You will see all the stored addresses listed here. Click on the ellipses next to the address that you wish to remove and then select Delete from the small menu that appears.Remove Address from Crypto browser

Opera Crypto browser is very useful for the crypto-currency community. It brings together all the online tools an features for which we all have been using many different software and tools.