Hard Disk Shield : Advanced Cleaner for Hard Disk Drives

After regular use of a Windows PC, it is not very uncommon to find that the available free space on your hard disk drive has got smaller. This is because Windows and other software keep leaving some junk files on the hard drive every now and then. These junk files are unnecessary for the working of the operating system and can be safely deleted. With the help of Hard Disk Shield, we can safely remove these junk files easily.

Hard Disk Shield is a specialized software that can find and remove junk files from any hard disk drive. It has special algorithms built inside which can seek the junk files and orphan entries from the Windows Registry easily. In addition, it can also locate large files that could be single-handedly taking up entire free space on the hard disk drive. It can find duplicate files on your hard drive as well.

The user interface of Hard Disk Shield has four tabs. Under each tab, we find a separate function such as – junk file removal, large files removal, duplicates finder, and hard disk drive defragmenter.  It can search many places on your computer when it is scanning for the junk files. These junk files and entries could be located on your system as local files, or they could be stored in the cache of a web browser.

Hard Disk Shield

Large files cleaner scans your hard drive for very large and unneeded files. These could include the ISO image files that you downloaded in order to install Windows or Linux. They can be removed once you have used them for their intended purposes. The duplicate finder is also very useful as it can get rid of the extra copies of the same file. It can also find files that are very much similar to each other but not one hundred percent identical.

Then there is the defragment function which helps a great deal when it comes to hard disk drives. It can relocate the file fractions so that all the parts of a file on the hard drive are very close to each other. This speeds up the hard drive seek time making it a tiny bit faster.

You can download Hard Disk Shield from https://shieldapps.com/products/hard-disk-shield/.