Emjysoft Cleaner : Keeps Windows PC Clean and Fast

When you buy a brand new PC, it is really very fast and you fall in love with it. Your friends get jealous of your fast PC soon. But as time passes by, you realize that your PC is no longer as fast as it once used to be. This is when you should think of cleaning your PC, remove the dust from the internal parts, replace the old hardened thermal paste, lubricate the moving parts with silicon spray, and also clean the garbage files from the hard disk drive.

For cleaning the physical parts, you can use a myriad number of tools, but for cleaning the file system, we can use only specialized software such as Emjysoft Cleaner. It is a free software that cleans your computer from unnecessary files and unwanted garbage files lying in various areas of the hard disk drive.

This software displays three sections for cleaning the computer – operating system cleanup, cleaning up of the internet browsers and Windows tools. For the first section, we can clean temporary files, trash (Recycle Bin), history of files opened, prefetch data, Windows logs and Microsoft Store cache.

Emjysoft Cleaner

For the web browsers, it can clean the browsers cache, cookies, history and the DNS cache. Among the Windows tools, we have access to tools for defragment the hard drive, for cleaning the hard drive (Disk Cleaner), for managing the auto-starting programs, and for accessing advanced Windows settings.

This software comes with a special “Clean Everything” function which allows you to clean everything on your hard drive with just a single mouse click. This is a great option for inexperienced users and for those who want to save their time. This function can be modified and some cleaning functions can be disabled or added.

Emjysoft Cleaner is a free junk cleaning software that all Windows users are going to find very useful. Its website is in French but the software has English interface too.

You can download Emjysoft Cleaner from https://www.emjysoft.com/logiciel-nettoyage-pc/.