How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Not Responding Error

Microsoft Outlook is the email management solution from Microsoft. It usually comes as a component of Microsoft Office, but it can also be purchased separately. It has been a part of Microsoft Office since the very beginning of the software suite.

Sometimes when we are using Microsoft Outlook, it suddenly freezes and stops responding. It can also happen when we launch Microsoft Outlook and it just won’t do anything. At other times, it can display “Not Responding” in the Outlook window title-bar.

In all of these cases, you can fix this error through the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (SaRA). Here is how it is done:

  1. First of you have to download Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (SaRA) and install it from
  2. Launch SaRA and then choose Microsoft Outlook from its window and click Next.Outlook Freezes
  3. After you select Outlook, it will display a big list of problems that it can fix for Outlook. From this list, you have to select the problem – “Outlook stops responding or freezes” and click Next.
  4. Wait for it to diagnose the problems and proceed with the repairs when asked. In the end, you should restart your Windows PC and check if it has fixed your Outlook problems.Outlook Freezes

The SaRA software works with all versions of Microsoft Office starting from Office 2010. This should be able to fix the freezing problems encountered with Outlook. But if this does not work, then you can try reinstalling the Microsoft Outlook on your PC.

Sometimes the problems when programs are not responding and freezing up, are because of the faulty hardware. This is why you should check the RAM modules for any errors to ensure that your RAM is okay. For checking the installed RAM for any errors, we can use MemTest86 easily. If one or more of the RAM modules are unable to pass the tests from MemTest86 then you should replace the modules with new ones.