Disk Meter: Display Hard Drive Space Info for Remote Systems

Disk Meter is a small application that can display the storage drives installed on the local system as well as the remote systems. For the storage drives, it shows how much total capacity is available, how much is the free space available and whether the drives are 90% or above full.

Disk Meter is supposed to be a tool that works with Host Monitor about which we posted recently. It is designed specially for observing the available disk space on the remotely connected systems. This could be very crucial for a network administrator to keep a close eye on the available free space on the remotely connected networked computers. systems. With the help of Disk Meter monitoring the space on remote drives becomes fairly easy.

However, if you are not using Disk Meter on a networked computer configuration then it will show the information about the local hard disk drives or any other kind of storage drives. In the case of only a single SSD, it displays just one big bar chart with the percentages of the available space on that drive.

Disk Meter

It comes with an auto-refresh feature which is very useful when the available free drive space is rapidly increasing or decreasing. If the available free drive space reduces to a very small percentage, it can also show the respective alerts to the users in a number of ways.

There are two methods using which Disk Meter can connect to the remote systems – through WMI login and through SNMP protocol. The latter is used for non-Windows platforms such as Linux and FreeBSD.

We can take the screenshot of the bar charts displayed by Disk Meter and save it as a BMP image file. Furthermore, we can also copy the screenshot of the bar chart directly to the clipboard.

You can download Disk Meter from https://www.ks-soft.net/hostmon.eng/diskmeter/index.htm.