How to Use Less Memory in Brave Browser

Brave web browser is a very fast and secure web browser which uses the open-source Chromium project source-code. Like many other web browser based on the Chromium project, it has pretty much the same user interface as the Google Chrome web browser.

Brave has become very popular for its very privacy conscious approach towards web browsing. It has some features that can boost the user privacy and enhance the anonymity on the internet. For example, it can block the trackers in a very fierce manner unlike any other web browser.

When using the Brave browser on a Windows PC that has 4 GB or lesser memory, you might face memory related issues. This happens when you are using Windows 11 and opening many tabs inside the Brave browser. Every single tab which is loading a website  claims a lot of system memory as well as processing power. With dozens of tabs opened, it can affect your system’s available free memory and slow down other programs.

This is why Brave browser now has a feature that can reduce the memory used by Brave. Here is how we can enable this feature:

  1. Launch Brave browser and click on the menu icon, then select Settings from there.
  2. Select System from the list of the categories on the left side.
  3. Scroll down until you find the Performance section.Brave Browser Memory Saver
  4. Enable the Memory Saver feature through its toggle button.
  5. Close the settings tab.

By enabling the Memory Saver feature, we are gaining a two fold benefit. Firstly, it saves the used memory of our Windows PC so that more memory stays available for other applications or for the operating system itself. And secondly, this feature makes the active tabs run much more smoothly by deactivating the unused tabs. When you switch to unused tabs, they also become active. This way, you make the most of the both worlds.