PDF Encrypt : Batch Encryption Tool for Windows

Encryption is used to keep our private data private. When  we encrypt certain data, we are making it illegible to the rest of the word unless they have a password or passkey to unlock the encryption.

Encryption of the PDF files is not any different. We can encrypt PDF files for password protecting them against unauthorized use. We can also put several restrictions on the PDF files which define how they can be used.

PDF Encrypt is a small utility for Windows for encrypting existing PDF files. By encrypting the files, it can put restrictions on who can open the PDF file for viewing and whether that person has permissions for printing the PDF file. In addition, it can also set many other encryption permissions.

PDF Encrypt has a medium sized window where we can find all the options and features. The very first thing that we would want to do is add the PDF files. Since it is a batch PDF encryption tool, we can add more than one PDF files in a single batch.

PDF Encrypt

After adding all the PDF files, we can switch back to the “Settings” tab and start choosing various options. We can change the password used to encrypt the files, we can change the destination folder, we can change the cipher used for encrypting the PDF files and finally we can set the permissions for using the PDF files. The “Start” button in the toolbar can initiate the process of encrypting the files.

PDF Encrypt is a very useful tool for encrypting a large number of files in a few seconds. It does not require any external tools such as Adobe Acrobat or a virtual PDF printer to finish the job. It can use very powerful ciphers such as AES-256 bit.

You can download PDF Encrypt from https://www.pdfarea.com/download.htm.