HS PDF Reader : Minimalist PDF Reader for Windows

While PDF files today have become as common as  fishes in the sea, the applications required to view them are becoming more and more bloated. Only a few years ago Foxit PDF Reader used to just 15-20 MB in size and now it is more than 160 MB in download size. Not many people want these extra features and tools. They just want to be able to open or print a PDF file every now and then.

If you are also looking for a small, fast and efficient PDF viewer then HS PDF Reader is something you should try at least once. HS PDF Reader is a minimalist PDF viewer for Windows and is only very small in download size. It has all the basic features that are expected from a standard PDF viewer. In fact, HS PDF Reader reminds me of the old fashioned Adobe PDF Reader of the a decade ago.

HS PDF Reader

The user  interface of HS PDF Reader consists of a toolbar which has all the basic functions. We can open, save, close and print PDF files. We can search through a PDF file. We can navigate the PDF pages or jump to a particular page number. We can choose how the pages are fit in the PDF viewer area. And there are zoom functions too.

We can also add annotation in the PDF file using HS PDF Reader. For this we can open a PDF file and then switch to the “Comments” tab. Here we have access to all the tools like highlighter, strike-through text (crossed out text), underline the text or adding of a sticky note. For all of these, we can change the color used.

All things considered HS PDF Reader is an ideal choice for everyone who desires a small, efficient and yet feature rich PDF viewer. It can be installed only on Windows 10 and above.

You can download HS PDF Reader from https://www.henrys-software.com/software.php?id=6.