Top Data Protector : Password Protect Files and Folders

Everyone has some files which they want to keep private and away from the snooping eyes of neighbors and friends. No matter what the content of these files is, we can keep them private either by encrypting them with a powerful algorithm like AES or by using a software like Top Data Protector.

Top Data Protector is a free Windows software that can help users password protect their important files and folders. It has a very easy to use drag-n-drop user interface which is very convenient to lock any of your files.

When we launch Top Data Protector for the very first time,  we have to enter an email address and create a new password. This password is used to protect your files or folders. And if you forget this password, your email address can be used to recover or reset your password.

Top Data Protector

After setting up your password, the user interface of Top Data Protector changes to a window where you can drag-n-drop your files or folders. You can also click on the Add button to add all of your files that you want to lock. Adding the files is all that is needed, once you have added the files you can click on Lock & Exit near the bottom-right corner of the window.

Now if you try to access these files in Windows File Explorer, you will see only an error accessing them. In order to unlock these files, we have to launch Top Data Protector once again, enter the password and select the files that you want to unlock.

Top Data Protector

In the settings for Top Data Protector, we can choose what kind of protection we are going to use. We can deny read-access, deny write-access or deny both. The option for hiding the files in File Explorer is available only for the paid Pro version of Top Data Protector.

You can download Top Data Protector from