iTop PDF : Powerful PDF Editor and Viewer for Windows

PDF documents have become so much popular that now we can say it is impossible to avoid taxes and PDF files in this life. When we come across the PDF files, we can choose to do many things – we can read them on our computer screen, we can print them or part of them, or we might want to edit them. Usually, we need two or more programs to do these things – one program to read the PDF file and another to edit the PDF files.

But now we can have all of these functions from a single interface through the free iTop PDF software. We can use this application for viewing or reading PDF files. And we can also use it for editing PDF files.

iTop PDF comes with many tools related to PDF files. It comes with a full fledged PDF editor. This editor has all the usual editing tools as you would find in any standard PDF editor. In addition, we also have tools for combining two or more than two PDF files into a large file. Conversely, we can also split a large PDF file into smaller PDF files or individual PDF pages.

iTop PDF

We can create new PDF files either through the editor or by converting an file into the PDF file format. It can convert files between PDF and Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, etc. We can also run OCR tool to create text from scanned documents.

iTop PDF can also compress the PDF files to reduce their sizes. This is a very useful function and make a 300 MB file into a 15 MB PDF file. It changes the images inside the PDF file into smaller size images without compromising the quality of these images. It works specially well for the scanned documents.

You can download iTop PDF from