How to Export PDF Pages to Images with Vovsoft PDF Reader

Many times, we want to save a PDF page into an image file. There could be number of reasons for this. For example, we want to quickly edit a page using an image editor such as Microsoft Paint. We might want to share a PDF page on social media. We might want to print a page on a computer that does not have any PDF application installed. For saving a PDF page or a number of PDF pages into an image file, we can use free Vovsoft PDF Reader.

Here is how we can quickly save any PDF page from a PDF file into an image file format using the Vovsoft PDF Reader:

  1. Launch Vovsoft PDF Reader. If you have not downloaded it, you can get it from
  2. Click on the File in the menubar and then select Open PDF from the menu. Choose a PDF file pages of which you wish to save as image files.
  3. When the PDF file has been opened in the Vovsoft PDF Reader, you can navigate to the page that you want to save as an image. This can be done either by scrolling down or using the navigation buttons in the toolbar. We can also quickly go to a page number using this toolbar. Once you have the page visible which you want to save as an image, you should be able to see its number in the statusbar of the Vovsoft PDF Reader window.Vovsoft PDF Reader Export to Image
  4. Now you can select File from the menubar followed by Export to Image.
  5. Choose a file name and the image file type from PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF and BMP. Click on the Save button to save the image file.

So this is how easy it is to save any PDF page into an image file in a matter of seconds. Vovsoft PDF Reader is really a very useful and lightweight PDF viewer for Windows.