Megacubo : Open-Source, Cross-Platform IPTV Player

Megacubo is an open-source and cross-platform IPTV player for everyone. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and is usually offered by the different ISPs worldwide. As opposed to the traditional TV broadcasting through terrestrial antenna, cable TV or dish antenna, IPTV is offered through the same lines through which you get your internet connection. Different ISPs offer it as an add-on over your already existing cabled Internet connection.

However, with the help of Megacubo you can enjoy IPTV no matter what kind of ISP you have. It offers more than 700 free-to-air TV channel no matter where you are sitting in the world.

After installaing Megacubo, it updates the available IPTV lists and then you are ready to watch some TV. There are many categories of TV and series available such as comedy, cooking, education, entertainment, movies, sports, news, religion, and travel. You can start by selecting any of these categories and then selecting the channels available.


There are some cool features like “Zapping”  which randomly picks any of the channels from the list. When you watch a channel and enjoy it, you can bookmark it. The bookmarks list appears on the main screen of the Megacubo window.

In the settings for Megacubo, we can change the countries of interest. After making a selection of countries, content from which you would like to watch, you have to restart the Megacubo application for the changes to take effect. We can also change the theme and colors for the Megacubo window.

Megacubo has mostly Brazilian channels and many-many of them do not work. The ones which work, they keep facing buffering or connection issues. It is better to spend a little money and get Netflix subscription – at least Netflix is not going to have any buffering or connection problems.

You can download Megacubo from or