How to Change Theme in Vovsoft PDF Reader

Vovsoft PF Reader is a very simple and easy to use PDF viewer for Windows. It is light on the system resources and does not come with any unwanted bloatware. It can load and render all kinds of PDF files including the ones containing forms and comments. This PDF viewer contains easy printing options if you desire to print PDF documents with a connected printer.

One of the  options that is given in Vovsoft PDF Reader settings is to change the theme for its window. We can switch between the light and dark themes in its window. By changing the themes we can make it more appealing to our own personal tastes and preferences.

Here is how easily we can change the theme for Vovsoft PDF Reader:

  1. Launch Vovsoft PDF Reader from its desktop shortcut. You can also double-click on any PDF file to open it (however in this case, Vovsoft PDF Reader should be set as the default PDF viewer on your Windows PC).Vovsoft PDF Reader Dark Theme
  2. From the menubar select View, then Theme and then you can select Automatic, Light or Dark. The Light and Dark themes are obviously for changing the theme to light or dark colors. The Automatic picks the same theme as the Windows 10 or 11.

Even though Vovsoft PDF Reader window quickly switched to the selected theme. It is better to close Vovsoft PDF Reader window and then restart it again. This way it tends to display the icons in the toolbar much better. In the dark theme, it is better to use the large icons in the toolbar. The smaller icon are not that much visible under the dark theme.

Vovsoft PDF Reader Dark Theme

Vovsoft PDF Reader comes with so many features in a tiny package. It even has options to export the particular pages from a PDF  file to an image file. If you have not already installed it, you can download it from