Password Lock EXE and Websites with Gilisoft Exe Lock

When you share your laptop or desktop computer with the rest of the family, your siblings or with your friends, you do not want them to use all of your programs. For example, if you have installed an Image Viewer like XNView MP. then you do not want your younger siblings to mess up its settings that you have so carefully configured.

With the help of Gilisoft Exe Lock, we can password protect any application on our Windows PC. In addition to password protecting the applications or programs of your choice, it can also block websites too. This is really useful if you want to block certain websites on your Windows PC.

In the user interface of Gilisoft Exe Lock, we can switch to the Program Lock section and click on the Add button to start adding any programs which are to be password protected. From the same interface, you can unlock programs and remove them from the list altogether.

Gilisoft Exe Lock

In a similar way, we can block websites. For this, we have to switch to the Website Lock section and start clicking on the Add button to add any new domain names.

The password used to lock programs is set globally. We can change this password from the Gilisoft Exe Lock control center. Along with the password, we have to enter our email address too. This email address comes handy when you forget your locking password.

In the trial version, we cannot change this password and it is always set to “test”. The ability of changing the password to anything that the user wants is given in the registered version.

Gilisoft Exe Lock is a very useful program to prevent unauthorized access to your programs. It password protects all the programs selected by you. It can also block websites.

You can download Gilisoft Exe Lock from