Create Fake Browsing History in Opera GX Web Browser

Opera GX is a relatively new web browser that focuses on the online gamers and livestreamers. In each new update, this browser keeps adding new features. In  the new version of Opera GX, we find a surprising new feature called “Redeem My Soul”.

The “Redeem My Soul” feature is designed keeping in mind the final passing away of  a user. Suppose a person who uses Opera GX passes away then people will access that person’s computer and find out what he was going. The “Redeem My Soul” feature assumes that a person is dead if the web browser is not used for 2 weeks. Then it removes your actual browsing history and replaces it with a fake browsing history.

Here is how we can enable the “Redeem My Soul” feature in Opera GX browser:

  1. Launch Opera GX web browser and press the Ctrl+H hotkey to access the browsing history.
  2. In the web browser history window, click on Redeem My Soul button."Redeem My Soul" in Opera GX
  3. You can read the information displayed in the window that appears on your screen. The information explains what this new feature is all about. You can click on the Activate button to enable this feature."Redeem My Soul" in Opera GX
  4. If you do not want to wait and see what happens when this feature creates the fake browsing history, then you should select the checkbox Pretend I’m already dead before clicking on the Activate button.
  5. In the confirmation dialog, click on the Hell yeah! button."Redeem My Soul" in Opera GX
  6. Now you can check your fake history by pressing the Ctrl+H hotkey. The history consists of charity websites, anti-bullying sites, news sites etc.

“Redeem My Soul” in Opera GX web browser is  a very interesting feature. It ensures that nobody can go through your actual web browsing history in the unfortunate event of your passing away or if you have lost your laptop.