PrimoCache : Accelerates Data Storage Devices Greatly

These days everyone is crazy about getting the fastest SSD, M.2, NVMe and other types of new age drives. I know many guys who frequent the local computer hardware store every week in order to check if they have got any faster  drives. They want the fastest and the best.

But if you cannot afford to overhaul your entire desktop computer including the motherboard and the memory, then you can use PrimoCache software. It makes use of your system’s RAM to accelerate the overall system performance.

Since PrimoCache depends on the RAM installed on your system, it is worth noting that it will work much better with a solid gaming motherboard and with at least 16 GB of DDR5 RAM. DDR5 itself can be used only on the top of the list processors, so we are going to have an overall great computer build. Anything less will mean degraded performance with PrimoCache.


After you have installed PrimoCache  on your PC, your system needs to be restarted. The restart is needed to load the driver that controls all the file operations. Then you can start enabling the cache on various drives. You can enable two types of cache – level 1 and level 2.

When you enable level 1 cache for a target drive, you are going to use RAM for the file operations for that drive. If you enable level 2 cache for a drive, then you are going to use SSD or flash memory as the cache. In addition, you can also enable both level 1 and level 2 cache for the drives.

PrimoCache works great on systems where you installed Windows on a hard disk drive and are not happy with the slow performance of the system. You can use PrimoCache  to experience SSD like fast performance without actually installing any SSD.

You can download PrimoCache from