Text Edit Plus for PC : Feature Loaded Plain Text Editor

When working with text files, source code files or configuration files, we have to depend on a plain text editor. While Windows does come with Notepad, it lacks features offered by other third-party editors. Some people also find Notepad a bit dull as it is very very basic editor.

If you are also looking for something more than Notepad, then you can try Text Edit Plus. It is a plain text editor for Windows and it comes with several useful features.

It is able to export the text files to PDF file format. After creating or editing a text file, we can simply select the PDF option and it will quickly generate a PDF file having the same content as the text file.

The text editor comes with full support for the Unicode characters. This means that you can type using the non-Latin characters such as in Japanese, Thai or Chinese languages.

Text Edit Plus

If you are writing a essay or a report on some topic, you can find its analysis feature very useful. It can analyze the text data and tell you about the word statistics. It shows how many words you have types, how many lines, how many words have been repeated and so on.

The Text Edit Plus software is also very useful for the coders. We can create source code files using this editor. It comes with color-coded syntax highlighter. It has a multiple tabbed user interface which is very helpful for the coders as they have to work with several source code files when working on a project.

The text editor can be customized to your own preferences. For example, you can turn on the dark mode and change the font color and text background color. It is a good text editor for quickly editing a few text files.

You can download Text Edit Plus from https://vovsoft.com/software/text-edit-plus/.