Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor : Serial Console for Windows

There was a time in 90’s when two types of ports were mainly used on desktop and laptop computers : serial and parallel. The parallel port was mainly used to connect a printer or scanner, but AOL’s dial-up modem was sometimes also connected using the parallel port. The serial ports were used for various other devices. Then USB came and everything changed. Now all the devices are connected using USB ports or through wireless interface.

But still some devices might need very low level connection using the serial communication ports. For example, we can connect the mobile phones, models, routers etc, using the simple USB to UART interface to our PC. There are many such USB-to-UART converters available on Amazon.

But simply connecting the device through a serial port or  USB to serial converter is not enough. You should also have a serial console or serial port monitor software. The most popular software for this is PuTTY but there are also other such as Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor.

Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor

Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor allows a Windows user to monitor the data coming and going through a connected serial port. It also acts as a console and we can interact with the serial devices by sending the commands and other data. For making it work properly, we have to select the correct the baud rate for the communication.

Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor is a very useful software for the people who work and tinker with electronics devices that provide serial communication such as mobile phones, routers, modems, motherboards, solid state drives and more. But working with these devices is a very delicate job and a small mistake can lead to the complete bricking of the target device. This is why utmost care must be taken when using this software with your devices.

You can download Vovsoft Serial Port Monitor from https://vovsoft.com/software/serial-port-monitor/.