Track Website Updates Easily with Distill Web Monitor

Sometimes we have to check a webpage or website again and again to see if a news or article has been updated or not. For example, students often check the websites of their universities to check for any new announcements. If you do not want to waste your time in checking for the updates on a website every single day, then you can try a software like Distill Web Monitor.

Distill Web Monitor can monitor for updates or changes on a webpage, PDF file, Word Document, RSS/JSON feeds, XML, SiteMap and more. To start using Distill, you have to create a monitor and choose what kind of online resource you wish to monitor.

Distill Web Monitor

After you have added an online resource, you can configure how often it should be checked for any changes. You can choose from a few seconds, few hours or daily. You can also choose an action to be taken of any updates are noticed. For example, it can play an alarm sound when a website is found to be updated.

Distill Web Monitor

When a change is noticed, it logs the event in its log. We can check the log to find out what changes it has found on the selected online resource. It shows the former version of the webpage recorded and how it is different from the new version. The old version is shown on the top and the new modified version is shown at the bottom of its window.

Distill Web Monitor

When adding a webpage to be monitored, we can choose a particular section or element to be monitored. This makes Distill monitor only that element as compared to monitoring the entire webpage for any updates.

Distill Web Monitor is available as an application for Windows and macOS. It is also available as a browser extension or add-on for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

You can download Distill Web Monitor from