How to Remove Saved Payment Methods from Opera Crypto Browser

When you are making a purchase online using your bank’s debit card or credit card, Opera Crypto web browser might ask you to save the payment method for later use. This feature can save your time if you buy a lot of things online as you do not have to enter the credit card details again and again. Once saved in the Opera Crypto web browser, credit card details are automatically filled whenever you come across a payment screen.

While this feature is very useful and time saving, it can also cause problems if you leave your computer unattended for a few minutes and someone else starts using it. The first problem is the theft of your credit card information as anyone who has physical access to your computer. Another problem is that anyone who has access to your computer can try to buy things online over shopping sites like Amazon or eBay using your credit card.

Because of these reasons it is safer practice to just remove any saved payment information from your web browsers. Entering the card information each time you buy something online or pay bills online is a bit cumbersome, but it is definitely much safer.

Here is how you can remove the saved payment methods from Opera Crypto web browser:

  1. Launch Opera Crypto web browser and then enter settings/payments in the address bar.Remove Payment Method from Opera Crypto
  2. You will see all the payment methods such as your credit cards listed there. Click on the ellipses to pull down the menu and select Delete from there.Remove Payment Method from Opera Crypto
  3. Repeat the same for all the payment methods that you want to remove.

Instead of saving the information right inside a web browser, you might want to use a dedicated password manager like Lastpass or 1Password. And if you have not already installed Opera Crypto web browser, then you can download it from