Tree Notebook : Hierarchical Note Manager for Windows

For storing text snippets on your computer, many people use Notepad and save the notes as individual separate text files. But these text files go missing and become scattered all over the computer hard drive. This is why note taking applications like Tree Notebook have become so popular. It is a hierarchical note manager for Windows. It can be used to store personal information.

Tree Notebook  is a secure application and can keep your notes well encrypted away from the eyes of everyone. It has a public portion which is accessible to everyone without any passwords. It also offers a private encrypted portion which requires unlocking with the help of a password.

The reason why it is called “Tree” Notebook, is because of the unique user interface. It employs a treeview structure in which we can create categories and nested subcategories. Under each of these nested nodes, we can add one or more text notes. Each of these notes can contain text of any size. In addition, notes can also store attachments such as images or other files.

Tree Notebook

The notes can be formatted using the usual controls like making the text bold, italic, strikeout and underscore. We can also change the colors of text. The editing features are not much different from that of Microsoft Wordpad. It comes with a search feature using which we can search through all the notes.

Tree Notebook comes with a calendar. We can set reminders for particular dates. When the time comes, Tree Notebook shows an alarm and reminder using the note set with the reminder.

Tree Notebook app can import data from some other popular note taking applications like OneNote and Evernote. It can also export information to Evernote and to simple RTF formats. RTF files can be opened using Microsoft Wordpad or Microsoft Word.

You can download Tree Notebook from