ExecAll : Sequentially Open Programs or Files on Windows

Sometimes only one application is not enough for finishing a task. You have to use multiple applications in a particular order. For example, you might first resize a really large photo taken from your digital camera using XnResize. Then you might want to edit these photos using GIMP. After this, you want to watermark and tag the photos using Digital Image Tool.

These tools should be executed in a particular order one after another so that you can continue from one step to another in the entire process. If you have to repeat the same steps for dozens of files, then you can try ExecAll. It is a free tool to run or open files one after another.

ExecAll is a portable application and does not require any installation. We can simply download it and launch it. The user interface of ExecAll consists of a small window and a small button. We can click on the Choose Files button and select all the files that are going to be executed one by one.


As soon as we select the files, ExecAll starts launching them in a sequential order – one after another. You can work with the first program or file as long as you want. Once you close this program, the next program is launched automatically.

If you have trouble selecting all the programs located in different folders on your PC, then you can create their shortcuts in the same folder from which it is easy to select them. For example, you can put shortcuts to Notepad, Word and Foxit PDF Viewer in the same folder for easy selection.

Overall the ExecAll program is satisfactory in doing what it has promised – run programs sequentially. But it leaves some things to be desired. For example, it should have a list in which we can change the order of running programs.

You can download ExecAll from http://www.luziusschneider.com/ExecAllHome.htm.