Unit Conversion Tool : Accurate Conversion of Units

While it has become increasingly easier for anyone to convert measurements or quantities in one unit into another, the offline unit conversion tools are much faster. Offline tools such as Unit Conversion Tool are also very helpful when you have to carry out conversions on a regular repeated basis many times a day.

Unit Conversion Tool is a small utility for Windows that supports conversion across hundreds of units. It features units from many different categories such as engineering, fluids, gas, head, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, radiology and more.

The user interface of Unit Conversion Tool reminds of the very popular “Convert” tool by Josh Madison which is no longer being update. In this tool all the categories are given on the side of the window in a tree view. When we select a category, it opens the branches of many sub-categories. For example, if we select “Sound and Light” category, many child categories such as Sound, Luminance, Digital Image Resolution etc, become accessible.

Unit Conversion Tool

Under each of these sub-categories are listed dozens of units which are displayed in two columns. We have to select one unit on the left side and another on the right side column. As we enter a value in the left side column, it will be displayed converted into the right side column unit. The reverse is also true. You can also select any of these unit categories from the toolbar.

The tool also converts currencies but for that you have to download the latest exchange rates from the internet. In addition to conversion of the units, the software comes with all sorts of constants used in science, engineering and mathematics such as Pi, velocity of light or mass of electron. This way we can enter the constants in the conversion input box directly. The software also comes with a convenient search tool for quickly finding units and constants.

You can download Unit Conversion Tool from http://www.accelware.com/Unit_Conversion_Tool/.