Disable Password Saving in Opera Crypto Browser

Opera Crypto Browser is a web browser that has integrated cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain technology. In addition, it supports Web3 and DApps. The concept of Web3 was first put forward by the cryptocurrency Ethereum founder. Web3 is decentralized and permission-less. Web3 supports native payments integration with blockchain technology.

Opera Crypto Browser comes with a crypto wallet of its own in which you can save your various cryptocurrencies. But it also allows the users to install various add-ons for many other popular crypto wallets. Since this web browser is used to handle crypto wallets, it incorporates several security features such as a secure clipboard, strong phishing protection and, a malicious-address checker.

One another thing you can do to make its even more secure is disabling password saving feature. This is also necessary if you are using a third-party password manager application such as Lastpass, 1Password, KeePass etc.

Here is how you can quickly disable the in-built password manager for Opera Crypto Browser:

  1. Launch Opera Crypto Browser and type settings/passwords in its address bar. This will open the password related section in the browser settings.Opera Crypto Browser
  2. Turn off the option that says Offer to save the passwords. Optionally, you can also turn off the option for automatically signing-in to various web sites.Opera Crypto Browser
  3. Close the settings tab and you are done.

After you have disabled password saving feature in the Crypto web browser, you should use some external password managers such as Lastpass or KeePass. Some of the password managers are also available in form of web browser extensions but they cannot be trusted for money/cryptocurrency related matters.

Opera Crypto Browser brings the power of decentralized Web3 experience for the cryptocurrency user. It comes with very security related enhancements and we can manage multiple cryptocurrency wallets from one place.

You can download Opera Crypto Browser from https://www.opera.com/crypto/next.