Abelssoft JetDrive: Defragment Hard Drives to Make Them Fast

As we keep using our computer, there are many things that happen in the file system of the hard drives. Some files are being created, some files are deleted and some other files are getting modified every single day. When deleted files were of smaller size than the new files are of larger size, new files are copied in fragments. Over a long time, fragments of many files can slow down the read time for a hard disk drive.

Abelssoft JetDrive is a tool for defragmenting the hard disk drives in order to improve their performance. This tool scans your hard disk drives to find if they are fragmented. Then we can run the defragmentation tool in an attempt to put all parts of a file together or close by. This makes reading operations much faster and smoother.

Abelssoft JetDrive Tool

In the user interface of Abelssoft JetDrive tool, we have to select one of the hard disk drives and then click on the Defrag button. Everything else is handled by the JetDrive tool automatically. At first it finds out if there is any defragmentation is needed. Then it starts to defragment the hard drive. The time duration taken by JetDrive tool depends on the system hardware, hard disk drive and the available system resources.

In addition to the file system Abelssoft JetDrive is able to defragment your system files (Windows protected system files) and the Windows registry as well. By defragmenting the registry, it makes the registry files smaller making the operating system to boot faster.

Abelssoft JetDrive Tool

If your Windows PC is not booting as fast as it used to or it takes a long time to load programs, then the Abelssoft JetDrive tool can be of immense help. It can bring new life in your old PC in a matter of minutes.

You can download Abelssoft JetDrive from https://www.abelssoft.de/en/windows/system-utilities/jetdrive.