Backup Assist : Quickly Backup Data on External Drives

Keeping a backup of your important files has become a necessity for many of us these days. While there are many backup software available on the internet, the simplest one of them is perhaps Backup Assist. It can help anyone backup their files to an external hard drive within seconds.

Backup Assist is a free data backup software. It allows us to select the source files or folders and create their backup on the selected external drives. It has a unique user interface through which we can select all the backup related options.

Backup Assist works in two modes – Basic and Advanced. In the basic mode, we have can choose the source folders from a number of special folders only. In the advanced mode, we can also add custom source folders. These folders can be user profile folders, email folders, internet browser folders and more. We can select either all of these folders or select only a few folders.

Backup Assist

After selecting an external drive (it does not backup to any local drives), we can click on the “Start Backup” button. It creates an exact duplicate folder/file structure on the target destination drive. The benefit of such simple backup solution is that we can manually copy any file from the backups.

As mentioned before, Backup Assist does not let the user select any local hard disk drive or solid state drive. The destination has to be an external drive which could be a USB mass storage device or an external hard drive. We can also choose a network drive located on a local area network as the destination.

Backup Assist

All things considered Backup Assist is really a very useful backup tool to have. It does not confuse the users with too many options and keeps everything very simple and straightforward.

You can download Backup Assist from