Auto Refresh Websites with Auto Refresh & Page Monitor

There are many times when we have to keep checking the status or information displayed on a webpage. For example, we may want to check whether an important most awaited email message has arrived in the inbox. For this we can keep refreshing the webpage manually or we can use a Chrome browser extension called “Auto Refresh & Page Monitor”.

It is a Chrome web browser extension and it works on all the Chromium based web browsers such as Edge. This web browser extension can automatically refresh/reload the webpages at pre-specified regular intervals.

After installing the “Auto Refresh & Page Monitor” extension on your Chrome web browser, you can quickly access it from its toolbar icon. If you want to make a webpage auto-refresh, then first you have to open the webpage and then click on the toolbar icon of “Auto Refresh & Page Monitor” extension.

Auto Refresh & Page Monitor

In the options for the extension, we can choose whether to refresh all the open tabs or the currently selected tab only. We can choose the time interval from a number of presets of 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes. We can also use a custom countdown timer which we can set in terms of hours, minutes and seconds.

It also comes with some advanced options which allow for hard refresh of the webpage (which reloads all the resources irrespective of their expiry times set by the server), stop refreshing the page when the user clicks anywhere on that webpage, displays a visual timer on the webpage being auto-refreshed, limit the refreshing of the webpages after refreshing that webpage a specified number of times and more.

“Auto Refresh & Page Monitor” is a very useful extension for checking the information that is being regularly updated. It offers a number of options that facilitate monitoring of the webpages easily.

You can get the Auto Refresh & Page Monitor extension for the Chrome web browser from