Avira Browser Safety : Protection from Malicious Sites

When browsing online we often come across online shopping sites that offer a great many discounts on all of your favorite products. But are these shopping sites safe to purchase from? There is an easy way to find out – through the use of Avira Browser Safety which is a web browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser.

After you have installed it on your Chrome web browser, you can notice its unique red colored icon in the browser toolbar. Since it is a Chrome extension, it also works for other Chromium based web browsers.

When you visit a website, this toolbar icon can indicate about the safety of that site. We can click on this icon and see if the website is safe and how many trackers are being used on that website. In the options for any domain name, we can choose to block the trackers. In the case it blocks the trackers, it will show the number of trackers being blocked for that domain. These settings apply for the entire domain instead for the particular webpage.

Avira Browser Safety

In the settings for the Avira Browser Safety extension for the Chrome browser, we can choose to switch between the light and dark modes. We can choose to send “Do not track” header request to all the websites being visited in the Chrome web browser.

Among the things being blocked for a website, we can choose to block the trackers and ads. We can also block social networking sites trackers when they are embedded into a website. We can also enable analysis of how this extension is working and collect the data over a long period of time.

Avira Browser Safety

It can be concluded that Avira Browser Safety is an essential extension for the Chrome web browser users. It blocks malicious sites before they are opened in the browser and prevents tracking of the user’s online activities.

You can get the Avira Browser Safety extension for the Chrome web browser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/avira-browser-safety/flliilndjeohchalpbbcdekjklbdgfkk.